Paint Services

Looking for Professional Painters in Dubai? We offer top-notch interior and exterior painting services in UAE.

Discover the Best and professional painters for commercial Offices and Residential Home paint services, beautiful Villa painter in Dubai, and luxury apartment painting service in UAE.

We have expert painters in Dubai for commercial spaces who understand color psychology for your interior design for office, warehouse, mall, shop, salon, showroom, gym, hospitality design for hotels and restaurants in Dubai standards 🌈 We have mastered the art of painting as the best painting services.

🎨 We have right understanding of color schemes, the use of the right tools, and techniques to achieve the perfect painting solution.

🏠 We have gained an understanding of the complexities involved in painting work and have learned how to simplify the entire process.

BMI offer Painting Services

BMI offers high quality Wall Paint and Wallpaper fixing and installation service.

• Satin • Gloss paint • Matte finish • Distemper paint • Metallic Paint • Cement paint • Textured Finish • Eggshell • Oil Paint • Enamel Paint • Emulsion Paint • Anti-Corrosive Paint • Synthetic Rubber Paint • Aluminum Paint • Bituminous paint • Waterproof paint

Take free Expert opinion for your bedroom, living room, Kitchen, Bathroom paint color selection. Our Designers suggest the best color combo for your spaces.