Maintenance and Repair Services

We offer Maintenance and Repair Services for Residential and Commercial Spaces. We provide maintenance services for Rain Damages in inner or outer spaces of Home and Offices, water extraction, environmental effect on home or office exterior, rustic or corrosion damage of pipelines, leakage solution, roof leakage repair, ceiling repair, HVAC system repair, AC repairing, bathroom repairing work, blocked drains repair, electric hazards, mishandlings, Home elevation maintenance, Commercial sign boards repair, Paint work repair, Dry wall repair, furniture repair, electrical inspection, Home and Office Recovery from unstable weather like storm or other natural calamities

Interior Fit-out and Refurbishment Services:

Fit-out services refer to fittings and fixing the doors, windows, electrical fittings, fittings for plumbing and sanitary work, wallpaper installation, Corian installation, partitions, ventilation, AC fittings In Refurbishment work, we redesign and rebuild interior with modifications and transformation. Owners want to change styles, upgrade their old and outdated spaces into new designs. It refers to the process of renovation and decoration in which Interior design company can repair or replace the damaged fixtures, repainting walls, changing floor design, replace lighting, redesign fit-outs, updating furniture and much more required for luxurious spaces