HVAC Service

We provide services in the field of HVAC, Air-conditioning and ducting.

Our AC and Duct services encompass supply, installation, testing, maintenance, repairs for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our scope of works includes small domestic HVAC systems to complex industrial systems.

Ductwork Design and Fabrication: HVAC engineers design ductwork systems that distribute conditioned air throughout the building efficiently and effectively. They consider factors such as airflow rates, pressure losses, duct sizing, insulation requirements, and noise control measures to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

Installation and Construction: HVAC technicians install and construct HVAC systems according to the approved design and engineering plans.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades: HVAC services provide energy efficiency upgrades and modernize existing HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs, and minimize environmental impact. This may involve replacing outdated equipment with energy-efficient models • Ceiling exhaust fan: an exhaust fan is placed in a room such as the kitchen or bathroom to remove stale, muggy or dirty air. Exhaust fans work by removing moisture, smoke and other pollutants in the air.

BMI Interior HVAC services include

• HVAC design and installation • Air Conditoning and Ducting • HVAC Cleaning • HVAC duct construction • hvac duct cleaning • HVAC duct installation • HVAC maintenence • HVAC inspection • HVAC energy saving • HVAC project execution plan • HVAC troubleshooting • HVAC air purification • HVAC vent cleaning • MEP for HVAC