Fire Protection & Safety

  • Integrate safety & Security System for your Home and Workplace.
  • Design spaces to accommodate fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and heat detectors.
  • Installing Fire Alarms, fire sprinkler, fire fighting equipment like Fire Extinguisher, fire hose reel, fire ball extinguisher, smoke detector, fire rated door, fire rated glass, emergency lighting.
  • Service include fire safety designs in interior project.
  • Embracing Fire resistant in interior design model.
  • Monthly inspection and testing of these equipments ensuring complete functional for emergency situation.
  • Install equipment according to fire and safety code and conduct of United Arab Emirates.
  • Execute evacuation and exit plan during fire hazard.
  • Use high quality fire-resistant building materials.
  • Select non toxic materials when burning during fire emergency.
  • Assist in obtaining necessary permits and approvals from fire safety authorities.
  • Choose furniture and fixtures that are less likely to contribute to the spread of fire.
  • Provide clear signage for exits.
  • Use of Smart Fire Detection System that can provide early warnings.
  • Installing automated fire suppression system.
  • Review and update fire safety plans, Conduct fire safety audits on weekly or monthly basis.