Architectural Services

BMI Interiors have appointed a big Team of Designers, architects, and engineers. They are creative and best designers in their field, have gained knowledge about design plan and execution. BMI designers have strong grip on Computer aided software which is commonly used in 2d and 3D drawings help to imagine, providing realistic visualization and make a comprehensive preview through layouts of projects. They create detailed drawing for very corner with correct measurements and sizes, reducing the chances of errors, mishandlings, ensuring every step in designed according to plan

We make a design plan after completing site visits, analyze every major or minor point, suggest you the best idea and make a perfect design layout

We assure every dimension is fixed, patterns are described, detailed focused preview from start to end point, deep viewing for length, breadth and height, so you can see map of your house through our layouts

BMI designers can make scaled drawing and create comprehensive 2D or 3D images and videos, mentioning specific points, rooms, fixtures, furniture setup, assembling, placements, elevations, adjustments, explaining colors schemes

Virtual Tours and 360 views

  • Walkthroughs are a computer generated tour of project, it creates for digital and graphical presentation in the form of 3D designed animated video help to describe front, bottom, top and all dimensional picture of space, you can navigate and preview your space virtually to ensure design is maintained, every corner is clear and fixed, alignments of all sides are good, entire area per square is perfectly accurate, every dimension is clear in design work plan
  • Walkthrough can help to create a panoramic 360-degree view allowing user to look around in all directions from a single point by clicking, scrolling and dragging forward and backward visits of a site.
  • Rendering can help to watch high-quality images and videos of 2D and 3D models exported from designing softwares. Clients can visualize the final outcome of their projects. They can clear doubts and concept of design work