Safety and Security Measures in Interior Design Project

Safety and security should be the primary part of executing the interior space. Your Design is incomplete without fulfilling these safety precautions that we are going to discuss in this blog

If there is any incident in your working space, management will be responsible Before facing any problem regarding mismanagement make sure to follow safety measures to avoid hazards

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Safety and Security Measures in Interior Design Project

Big Offices must use these safety models during the execution because buildings have to adopt various protection measures to overcome harmful circumstances

It can be imposed a big fine if they don’t follow such guidelines. The compliance department should keep a strong eye on these preventions. Certain small projects don’t need many precautions if they just install fire alarm, fire extinguishers and CCTV cameras it could be enough to make you secure

Make sure your design model has a Fire alarm system, Fire equipment, Fire sprinkler, CCTV camera Installation, Body scanner, Electronic thumbing, Card punching or face recognition system, walk-through gate, and automatic door while entering the office. You should also include atleast one exit door for running out of your premises if there is an incident like fire or something like that

Fixing these elements can be another big task for design. Measurements should be well-defined, sizes should be appropriate, and the use of material with high-quality should be a fundamental consideration. So don’t compromise on your protection even if you have a great design

Smart Technology in Interior Design:

You can use smart technology. You cannot rely on manual control of examining these kind of sensitive things even you should test the equipment and tools used in space designing whether it could be meet in safety criteria or not. You need to do an inspection every month after installing these stuffs

Follow Country Guidelines:

You can take a guide of that country or state you are working as an Interior Design Company. If we talk about Dubai and all over Dubai, states have very strict rules and regulations, if you don’t meet the criteria you could be in big trouble in running your business, even your business space can be sealed so never break rules.

One thing is important during working on a project, workers and labors must wear safety costumes, goggles, gloves, boot in their feet and other important wearable items in the site.

Safety Services of BMI Interiors:

We assure complete safety for your Office and Home spaces by installing Fire Alarm, Safety and secure system in an emergency according to Dubai rules and regulations

Integrated safety & Security System for your Home and Workplace Installing Fire Alarms, fire sprinkler, firefighting equipment like Fire Extinguisher, fire hose reel

Our secure network infrastructure defends against cyber threats, while physical security features protect your premises