Home Interior Trends 2024

Do you want to Upgrade your home interior from outdated design? Are you tired of seeing the old design of your house? Look no further, we are here to assist you by giving fruitful ideas for your design plan. Stop copying others by applying trends to your home styling. BMI Interiors suggests unique ideas that you have never seen before.

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Home Interior Trends

Important points for design trends:

Use Bio phallic design Bold Lighting Saturated Colors Curved Shapes of tiling, furniture, ceilings and doors Scandinavian design is more attractive Updated Art Deco The Mixture of Earthy Tones and Textures Use of smart technology Dark and Moody Colors Mixed Metals used in windows, doors, and furniture made of wood or glass Art Gallery Steel-framed window walls allow to reflect radiant natural lighting Investing in natural stone stone, granite and wood create unique textured designs Adding wallpaper Traditional Colored ceilings Unique shiny and non-slippery tilework Statement Walls with writing designs.

Design a Smart Home:

Lets start design a smart home from your Kitchen. Should you keep an open-concept kitchen attached to living room or keep it separate from other rooms, its depends on the size of the project. If we have much space then we have a good option to design separately and make it wide. House Bathroom is also integrated with smart technology, for example you can easily fix auto sensing commode that will open automatically or using smart application, remote control flush system, bathroom with motion sensing light.

Smart Home Integration

People are choosing easy and smart lifestyle, its improving our quality of life that’s why Smart Homes are trendy with the latest technology integrated with high-quality materials having long-lasting life and designed for well-equipped facilities. High profile persons are now living in smart homes. Smart homes have Sensors in every room, every corner has attached with computer aided software, some of its connected with smart application controlled from gadgets on your phone. Smart home equipped with remote control device connected to internet. Use of motion sensor lights that can auto switch ON when an object moving or a man entering into the room or it will switch OFF when anyone exit from the room. Motion sensor cabinet light using in Kitchen cabinets just like refrigerator when it opens. Smart homes have Smart walls, smart furniture, smart appliances, auto-moving items, having solar panels for electricity, smart screens in TV lounge, smart sound systems. Robotic technology are often used in these smart houses, having robotic gardener, robotic servants and maid who serves lunch and dinner. Some of the houses are too advanced and designed with extra smart technology using artificial intelligence.

Smart Home Decoration:

Latest-designed homes decorated with unnatural items and things like artificial plants and trees. In tech homes, you can design it like artificial greenhouses, use of alot of greenery and natural touch you can try. Tech houses are made simple with using single color, for example you can use white for all of your rooms, not necessary to use more bright color with bright lighting. White walls with white flooring look so good if you keep your appliances and furniture in black color so it makes a unique visual feeling when black mixed with white.

Multi Purpose and Multi-Functional Furniture:

Smart homes are furnished with multipurpose Furniture like folding beds that can convert into sofa, table can change into chair, multi-functional custom made wooden items that can change into wardrobe and revert back into sleeping bed, book shelves that be used to store books and also can change into dining table.