Custom Room Decoration

Decorating your room with modern trends is like a charm. Room decoration is passion for home owners that inspire your living. Colorful rooms fill the colors in your life. Decorating your interior spaces is a challenging task after completing interior construction. Most of the people take keen interest on design their room by illustrating every corner with artwork, art gallery, decoration pieces, hanging shining and bright chandelier. They themselves become creative for generating décor ideas and execute home transformation for new trends. In this blog we shall try to know about latest and useful decorative interior which make your home more luxury and pleasant. We are experiencing the fusion of artwork and crafts necessary to use in large or small room. Wall designs, Furnishing, flooring, ceiling, home appliances are basic things to install or fix in your room but we require more extraordinary ideas for decent looking. We recommend useful implementation as a home design specialist.

Bedroom decoration

Let’s start with bedroom. No matter your bedroom size is small or large. First you have to choose modern bedding style according to architectural structure of a room. Place fancy lamp in both sides of your bed. We as a Home designer suggest you to place decorative items like creative and custom-designed wall papers, use throw and couch pillows, bed sheet with good quality fabric, use high-quality mattress, place multi-functional bedding which can be convert into sofa or can be placed/fixed under the wall when needed, utilize under-bed storage Add a cozy chair or a bench for additional seating. Install a chandelier or pendant light. Place wall-mounted reading lights, LED strips under the bed frame or headboard for a soft glow, textured bed linens Large mirrors can make the space feel larger and brighter, pendant light with ceiling, fancy fan Ombre or stenciling is the best color scheme for your room walls, elaborate top of wall corners with crown molding, wainscoting wall can be a good fit Place night stands, upholstered bench at the foot of the bed, chaise lounge, armchair with an ottoman, Swing-arm wall lamps provide focused light Place String lights, fairy lights, or LED strips around the bed frame or along the ceiling. Decorative frames for photos Select Armoires or custom closet system with shelves Decorative Baskets like wicker baskets, fabric bins to organize small items and place suitable place, decorative boxes to store items like shoes Bedding Styles: Sleigh Beds, Platform Beds, Poster Beds, Canopy Queen Bed

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Bedroom Interior Decoration

Living Room Décor

Living room is mostly common seating in your house. Central piece sofa that should be comfortable and stylish. Use lighting design like an illusion. Use media units, bookcases and sideboards Black Leather sofas can be best addition, Rug under the table with placing magazines, Cookies jar, artificial Fruit basket, tissue paper, light weight decoration peace can be placed Layer sofa can be also look great to sit on. Use ottomans for extra seating. Overhead Lighting should be appealing, Chandeliers can add a touch of amazing glamour Add Chair rails and picture rails, paint with a contrasting color Choose large sofa for big family, small sofa for smaller families with a dynamic look Add Velvet textile in your cushions and throws Using indoor decorative water fountain or aquarium can be an outstanding look Hang LED TV on the right place of the wall or Light up your living room with fireplace

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Living Room Interior Decoration

Kitchen Décor

Add greenery in walls by using variety of plants or leaves in different sizes or use greenish wallpapers for natural and organic touch, always keep labeled jars. Display exclusive collection of cookware, variety of kitchen sets, cutting boards, customize rack for storing vegetable or fresh herbs Use Subway tiles, mosaic patterns, or natural stone for a modern look, Incorporate glass-front cabinets to display utensils Install pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and drawer dividers to expand space, consider pantry system for maximize walking and comfortable movement Install under-cabinet lights, separate and labeled container for ingredients Use quartz, granite, marble, or corian for countertops, long lasting ceiling material that will not need to change so soon because heat, steam and moisture can damage your ceiling so quickly Fit pipes, ventilation, exhaust fan by hiring a professional technician, use design fixtures like gas pipes, sanitary

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Kitchen Interior Decoration

Bathroom Design

Use contrasting colors, vanity lights, sconces above or beside the mirror, fragrance towels, bath mats outside the bathroom, shower curtains, stylish containers for toiletries, woven baskets for throwing toilet paper, shower caddies for placing cosmetics, stylish dustbins, Place a runner or mat in front of the sink Mosaic tiles, single or double vanity, stylish vessel sinks, under-mount sinks with fancy faucets, Floating shelves near vanity Use luxury sanitary ware by fixing well designed bathtub for bath experience. You can have a variety of bathtubs such as freestanding tubs, built-in tubs, soaking tubs, clawfoot tubs available in rectangular, square and curve shapes, use non slippery tiles or marbles

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Bathroom Interior
Hope you would appreciate these decorating hacks. Design your Home spaces with versatility. Feel free to contact for frequent changes in your interior design. BMI Interior is available anytime to assist for your design plan.