Corian Work

BMI Interior is Providing the expert services of Corian work in Dubai and UAE

We have skilled and experience workers for Corian Installation on solid surface, Corian 3D work, Corian repair work

Corian Widely used in countertops, sinks, and other surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms

It looks beautiful in restaurants, hospitals, and retail shops for its durability and design flexibility.

Corian give decent look in reception desks, wall cladding, and display surfaces.

We are providing wide range of colors and patterns made of natural stone, concrete, or other materials.

It can be cut in different form, custom designed and shaped, and installed in specific design requirements

Corian is easy to clean by using mild soap and water or household cleaner

Corian is durable and long-lasting, it is non-porous and does not require sealing

it can be fixed in any color or texture

Custom Design for Corian Worktops, Kitchen Countertops, Corian furniture, Corian solid surface for bathroom, decorative Corian, Acrylic solid surface Corian, Corian sheet work, Corian platinum work, Corian cash counter

We have Dubai’s Best Corian manufactures, providing best quality of Corian custom design

Acrylic Design

  • Acrylic Sheets are lightweight material used for windows, skylight, shower enclosures and other fixtures
  • Available in various colors and thickness with design flexibility, it can be transparent for making spaces larger and more open
  • Acrylic fixings are UV resistant
  • Commonly Used in making Acrylic Furniture, Decorative items, signage (title, name boards and sign boards)
  • Can be installed in indoor or outdoor applications